Monday, 11 June 2018

Rain on Tuesday

I have finished reading The Old Ways which I thoroughly enjoyed, though I had hoped for less Scotland and at least some Wales.  George Borrow's walk from Cambridge to St Davids was mentioned in pilgrim passing.  Like the Floosie I was most entranced with the path across the sea when the tide is out, having risked similar (but far shorter) forays with the ever present dread that the tide will suddenly turn and the sea come rushing in.  I should have greater faith in the moon.  And not think of tsunamis.  I had never really thought before about the situation in Palestine where you can't safely wander, always being under suspicion from the Palestinians and the Israelis.  What an awful way to live.

I have now also finished reading Vivienne Westwood's Diaries.  I've never been a fan of her clothing designs but I understand much better now what she is trying to achieve.  She is a fascinating woman and her Diaries are easy to read, huge fun and thought provoking.
Today is the day the librarian forecast for Saturday - grey and raining.  I have taken advantage of it to read Agatha Christie's Ordeal By Innocence.  Something about it didn't ring true when I watched it on television a cuppla weeks ago, so I had to get the book.  Well!  Totally different murderer!  Definitely requires further investigation.
A propos of nothing, saw this little cutey in the garden the other day.


  1. I have the entire Agatha Christie collection on my Kindle so, prompted by your misgivings, I have started to read 'Ordeal by Innocence'. I can't remember it at all, so I believed the tv series. On the other hand, the next one in the tv series 'Witness for the Prosecution' was very familiar to me so the series held no suspense. But again, I think the ending was wrong. I'm going to check this one too because I thought he ran off with another woman. FF is onto it. Of course, I may be wrong. It's hard to remember all 87 or so of her stories.

  2. This is proving to be an interesting assignment!! I've requested Witness from the library. Hoping it will turn up on Friday.

  3. And now I have discovered that Agatha disliked her original ending for Witness and wrote a different one for the play. I won't reveal, but I was sort of right. FF