Friday, 29 June 2018

the fortnight past

A fortnight with all the usual pleasures and a few extras thrown in.  It was also a time of some sad news:  the passing of two stalwarts of the Bellerive Historical Society Betty and Jean.  Both of them with Mrs History and me from the start of the Society.  Bellerive treasures.
Curiously both Mrs History and I had historical interludes - see Fleurieu Magic blog.  Neither of us have been much involved in things historical recently, becoming The Floosie and The Babe in our new environs.  (My) Steve has been working with a Woodsdale chap on the 2019 Sheds Calendar.  Next year the calendar will include a blurb about each shed.
Steve and Keith at the Woodsdale History Room.
Steve's 2019 shed paintings are on display.

Steve has family links to Woodsdale.  His Aunty Flo lived there after her war time RAAF service.

The only picture I've ever seen of Florence (and this one grainy and too far up the wall)

The next excitement was Whale Census Day last Sunday.
We nobly chose to stake out the view from Old Saltworks (don't get excited by the mysterious re-appearance of those blobs).
Sadly no whales came to see us.

Last night was The Big One - the opening of the Festival of Voices at the Bushland Gardens just south of Buckland.  Frank Sultana (??????) and Mental As Anything (!!!!!!!!) were the acts

but unfortunately their flight was held up by fog in Brisbane so Ange Boxall undertook, at very short notice, to entertain us.  She was great and I will always admire her for singing on and on as we got the news that the Mentals' plane has just touched down, they were picking up their luggage, they're on their way, etc.
Frank Sultana went on first as the Mentals' archetypal roadie checked things out.  Mr Sultana writes his own songs.  They are darkly amusing and revolve around crimes of passion.  He gets a great sound from his Parlour Guitar.

And then, the big event.  Mrs Omniscient Henry and I managed to sit down for the first 3 numbers
this is not Mrs O Henry
but the moon and the fires and the music got too much for us and we danced the night away.
Home just before midnight to have pizza with Steve, who had wisely started eating before I got there.  Mrs O had to wake up Henry to make sure he knew all about it.  Fabulous night.

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