Sunday, 10 August 2014

a more comprehensive coverage of Easter delights

I have finally been able to view the CD of Easter photos sent by Lady Jayne.  So it's back to Mintaro.  Below is the decorated Simnel Cake - beeeeooootiful.
 Bron's photo of the dining room and garden from the kitchen.
The Paymaster's Cottage where Mum stayed.
The buttressed walls of Thomson's Cottage where Bron, Heths and I stayed.
The back garden.
The cottages are part of the Reilly's vineyard.  There is also a garden where produce for the restaurant is grown.  We could step from our cottage driveway to the garden, eg like when you needed a lettuce late at night...

Behind the cottages and the garden are the vines.
Paradisical (?) as it was, we did leave on occasions, for instance to visit the Mintaro Maze on Easter Sunday and do the treasure hunt.
Of course, you can't fool us for long... and we found it to the centre.
So used to walking in Indian file did we become that we stayed in formation through the Timandra Gardens a hop, skip and a jump away.
Crab apples or coffee beans?  I don't know.

No journey to the Clare Valley would be complete without a visit to Martindale  Hall, used as Mrs Appleyard's academy for the filming of Picnic at Hanging Rock, and prototype for Grimshaw's Academy For Young Ladies of Good Breeds.
The lost girls returned, perhaps?

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  1. beeeeoootiful lost girls, indeed and may they always remain so!