Monday, 18 August 2014

Magical weekend

My weekends start on Thursday after work.  Frantic drive to Triabunna for rehearsal.  Devote Friday and Saturday to setting up for the big show.  Thanks goodness it was one night only.  But it was fabulous, and I proved myself competent. And I may do it again...
With The Show out of the way, I shall have more time for origami.  Got some lovely patterned papers in the mail on Friday and have started to revise my skills with butterflies.
Naturally they did not stay on the shed wall.  The frost got them.  But that is the fate of installations, and butterflies, I suspect.
While on things sheddy, a photo of another of our sheds at sunset.  It has occurred to me that it is probably no longer appropriate to call this blog 'Tirra Lirra' and it is no longer about life on the Murray and Darling Rivers.  'Three Sheds in the Sunset' is a possible new name, as is (and I rather like this) 'I Saw 3 Ships A-Sailing'.  If you look back to Sarah's photo of the cake, you'll see that the logo for the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council is 3 sails.  I like this logo and I love seeing it as I drive home for the weekend and know that I'm nearly home.
Today Sis decided that we should walk to the shop in the opposite direction to the walk I previously blogged (A Trip to the Chemist 3/8/14).  So here we go.  Sis, the trail blazer, takes us past the pine tree
and to the free camping area at the back of the pub.  She is eager to go to the fish and chip van but I insist we go between the hotel and the Georgian buildings that used to be marine barracks.
The lucky people who bought these buildings have started working on them, including mowing the grass.  The hills you can see are the ones which were briefly under snow earlier in the week.
There is so much more to report for this weekend but I'll leave it there.  Have to get ready to drive to work early tomorrow morning.  Also have to think about the squid, caught today, our neighbours have given us for tea.  A whale swam under their boat and cruised around with them for a while.


  1. Sunsets and sails. It would be satisfying to capture both of them.

  2. I approve of the new blog name. Although it makes me think of that Midnight Oil album, Red sails in the sunset. I am well impressed about your theatre debut (?). And intrigued...did you sing? dance? I'm expecting regular updates on the marine barracks...