Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hello Triabunna

So nice to come home to.
I arrived the day after Anzac Day in April.

To my huge surprise, Georgia and Ella had organised my bedroom for me.

Another joy of living here is that rellies can visit.  Here is Sarah, looking at home...

Over the river, in easy walking distance, is an amazing garden.

Below is the view back to our side of the harbour.  The drive through that golden paddock (admittedly, via the highway) always makes me feel I'm home.
Here's the house opposite us by moonlight.  I think it is the best looking house in Tribes.
Below is the house next door to it, which is actually the ambulance station.
Here's the harbour and marina.

It's all rather Sea Change-ish and I love it.
 As does Sis.


  1. It must be time to plan a trip to the southerly island to soak up the scenery, good food and taswegian hospitality. Mind you, after a couple of days back in cold old Canberra, I am pining for warm locations, not chilly ones - snow at Christmas, as I recall. XXXX

  2. Did you also notice that Ella and I collected some shells to put on the wall out the front? That front wall reminds me of your grandmother's house in St. David's. I hope you didn't get there too late to see all the beautiful roses in bloom around town. When we were walking around it was almost heady with the smell of roses.

  3. One of the reasons I fell in love with the house is the front wall - I shall do a little blog post about it. I was thrilled to see the shells and drift wood. I have added some, an put some japonica sprays there too. My own little shrine of gratitude.
    I think I'll have to catch the roses next year...