Thursday, 12 May 2016

a few of my favourite things

I have to lift my game blog-wise.  It's not that there is nothing to blog about but I just get caught up in it all and forget to take photos.  This place is so beautiful I've got a bit blase about it.  So I have resolved to notice the ordinary on a more regular basis...
Rain is far from ordinary here lately.  This was the start of it - lovely on the tamarisk but already affecting the rose at the front gate.  We've had rain on and off for about 4 days now.
I've taken to driving to Hobart via the Coal Valley and Richmond.  Here you see pastures of lettuces for Houston salad-leaf products in the very late afternoon.
Definitely favourites:  Cointreau and lime; East Coast grown walnuts and 3 chosen ones who've had their portraits done by Ms Green Bean; and one of the tea-light holders bought to replace those damaged when gusty winds caught the outside candelabra.


  1. You clever girl!
    I bought a kilo of limes today - an unusual way for them to be presented. I can now hear the Cointreau calling from the cabinet..... Perhaps I will wait until Bill can join me, but then inspiration should be acknowledged with alacrity.......

  2. I'm definitely having a Cointreau and lime this evening. You may care to join me.
    I must remember to check that there's ice-cubes.

  3. We always used to drive through the Coal Valley as a short cut to Bellerive and loved the green hills, cattle-filled valleys and pastures along the winding road. The photo sure brought back memories. FF