Monday, 23 May 2016

Reporting in

hmmm could have done better.  Had a busy week last week with many lovely moments including the soiree to celebrate Triabunna's Tidy Town win and Jill's playdate with Dexter, a four year old Pointer type dog whose energy far exceeds his mistress'.  A situation which we share.  Of course I totally forgot to take photos.
Friday it was off to Abel's Bay to stay at Green Bean's 'shack' and relish her glorious cooking and many gardening magazines.  Heaven.
We think the white foam line is caused by the Huon River water meeting the sea.
Mr Green Bean feeds kookaburras under watchful eyes.
Later on Saturday morning The Bean and I went off to the Woodbridge Nursery which had featured a week or so ago on Gardening Australia.  It did not disappoint.  I bought poppies and ixias which I've never seen in a nursery before and always thought I'd have to purloin from someone's garden.
This photo hardly does it justice.  It is small but beautifully landscaped and has inspired me to re-think our garden, yet again.
This is beautiful country with lots of small holdings of organic produce and heritage apples.  That night The Bean whipped up a blackberry and apple pie for dessert.  A lovely, lovely decadent weekend.

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