Sunday, 1 May 2016

Thwarted weekend

On Saturday Steve, Jill and I were to go into Hobart.  I wanted to catch a film at the French Film Festival and Steve and Jill were going to do some walk inspired art somewhere.  Sort of fortunately I phoned ahead to book a ticket and was told that the screening was fully booked out, imbecile.  So we decided to go to the Bream Creek Market, held on the first Sunday of the month instead.  A May Day market among happy, healthy hippie people would surely be a delight.  We may never know.  It rained overnight, the first time in yonks, and sadly there had been a two car accident before Buckland.  Police, ambulance and fire service all in attendance and all traffic stopped.  We waited for a while and then decided we didn't need to get to Bream Creek that desperately and maybe it was kinder to everyone if we turned around and went home.  It may be age but I also think my time with the SES made me realise how much we take emergency services for granted.
So I have finished my 5 library books and can return them on Tuesday after Zumba.  One of the books is M*A*S*H which I never liked as a tv series and don't like much better for having read the book.  However it did make me think of the decisions that have to be made in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital and I did find the surgical procedures fascinating.  Never thought I would.  The Floosie would probably love the pages-long description of a football game.  Spare me.
Sandrine La Belle phoned at 3pm for afternoon tea and a beautiful rainbow curved around the village.

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  1. It is quite disconcerting to read about 'Steve and Jill' until I realise that you are referring to your Steve, not mine, and the Jill is not me but your new canine companion. But that aside, I thought you would have loved the humour and pathos in the MASH TV series - I loved it. and you are quite correct, I would have lapped up that football game. I am sure you are keen to know that the Baltimore Ravens have just picked a new offensive tackle, a wide receiver and a linebacker in the recent draft. Go Ravens. FF