Friday, 17 June 2016

Bloggers awake

aha some bloggers have got back to business, now including me.  Possibly you thought I was a gonner.  But no.  I apologise for my lack of attention to emails, etc and will wallow gleefully in them when I've finished this.  The winter solstice approaches and the spirit contemplates flight.  Many of you have taken flight; friends, rellies and yoga teachers all gadding about far flung reaches of the world.  Meanwhile back in Triabunna I am keyboarding as fast as I can before my body totally seizes up from yesterday's gym and today's gardening.  The lawn is at least 30cm high (notice influence of maths classes) and still wet so weeding is easy but not very pleasant.  There are some good things happening gardenwise in the self-seeding of wanted plants.  I keep my fingers crossed.  One slight hassle is that Jill is proving to be a gardener dog.  Emma and Rosie used to trot beside me and keep me company in the garden.  They have obviously imparted their knowledge to Jill who goes out later and re-arranges things more to her taste.
On to other matters.
It's hard to take riveting photos while trying to preserve people's anonymity. This one comes from last Sunday's Book Sale in the Orford Hall.  I had a wonderful hour there as a sales person - great fun. Despite my pledge to not buy, I ended up with 5 irresistible books for the total cost of $5.50.  At the end of the day Judy The Organiser phoned me to say that we had raised over $2100, so that's not bad going.  The money all goes to local charities which is good but even better is that there's still a lot of people out there buying books.  The photo is a little misleading.  Younger people and children came too but I wasn't game to sneak a photo of them.  Such is life.
After a high on the Sunday, I crashed on the Monday at the blood bank, no fault of theirs.  Despite being soggy with water, my blood was very slow to emerge so they had a go at both arms.  This has happened to me before but this time it absolutely exhausted me and I was a very sad little bundle leaving there.  Fortunately Steve and Jill were waiting for me cos we were going off for a lunch date with Paul The Hunter who some of you know from the Regional Wedding of the Year 2001.  I sat slumped on a bench outside Parliament House

and just managed to rotate enough to take these pictures.  Paul however got stuck at the top of snowy Mt Wellington and would be a cuppla hours late, so we gave up.
I took this Salamanca snap with my last ounce of strength.  I don't have much else to report except that Steve nourished me back to health over the week with banana muffins and double cream brie.  Tomorrow is the Triabunna Market and hopefully I'll remember to take my camera (and phone).

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  1. I love Hobart in winter. And book fairs!!!!!! Steve got a wonderful one last week at our local library clean-out about the history of the Academy Awards. He keeps interrupting my own reading to tell me juicy tidbits. Glad you enjoyed my architecture entry. Fleurieu Floosie.