Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Garden Report

I'm finally starting to feel some excitement about the garden.  Small plans are eventualising. The hellebores I put in when we first came here are in bud.  The Antiques Roadshow at Aberglasney has convinced me that I need a huge drift of yellow and orange marigolds interspersed with cornflowers.  Unfortunately I pulled up large numbers of marigolds a few weeks ago from exactly where I now want them to be.  But I know they will seed easily and survive the frost.  The cornflowers may be a bit more of a challenge.  I have 3 tiny seedlings in a pot that were planted before Easter but I'll get there.  Regardless I can easily use borage and love-in-the-mist instead if needs be.  Though cornflowers would be stunning...
Here is my reminder that it just takes patience.  Liz gave me this cyclamen the winter before last.  It was just a clump of tight leaves.  Liz didn't care for it and I put it under the tree-hedge in the back garden, thinking it could take its chances.  After Liz died earlier this year, I felt that I wanted to revive the cyclamen and have it flower again so I repotted it and put it in a sheltered spot where I would remember to water it, e voici.  I keep it outside by the back door.  Next year I'll buy another one cos I've got another plan...  My Mum has a beautiful cyclamen that she grew from seeds that I gave her probably 30 years ago.  I'll see it next week when I'm in Adelaide.

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  1. I love sharing your garden dreams vicariously as my pebble garden and potted courtyard plants don't come anywhere near the romance of cornflowers and cyclamen. Enjoy Adelaide. No chance of venturing further south?????