Monday, 20 June 2016


The market proved to be a bit of a trial.  Sunday dawned bright and sunny and most people must have chosen to celebrate by doing other things, possibly catching up on the washing and drying.  I didn't sell a thing - not one of Barb's hats or of Steve's cards.  After the market there was to be a meeting at 1pm but it didn't start till 1.55pm so the day was fading by the time I got home.  The highlight of the day was unearthing a marble under my market table.
Always good to find a marble when it is so easy to lose them this time of the year.  I was also buoyed by the thought that Barb is away catering for this event .  Easter on my mind.
And it is Winter Solstice - longer days are on their way.

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  1. A pity about the market. I love the blues and greens, though, my two most favourite colours. I can't wait for the longer days either, I won't be coming home in the dark so much.