Friday, 24 June 2016

Night Garden

Dark Mofo came to Triabunna last night.  It was supposed to be here a couple of weeks ago but the weather was too tempestuous at the time.  Last night was more moderate.  Briskly cold but no rain.  I can't say that the event drew many outsiders to Tribes but the locals welcomed the chance for a passeggiata with mulled wine, the fish van, coffee and green Thai curry available to fortify them.  We brimmed with community bonhomie. There were flaming braziers along the harbour front and the local kids revelled in the wildness of it all.  Some of them had been involved in making short films with a plant  / horror theme in conjunction with the  uni and MONA.  These films were projected on to buildings along the 2 main streets.

It was certainly a very different night for Triabunna.  My only criticism is that there should have been hot cinnamon donuts.


  1. and Eccles cakes!
    A stranger passing through may have thought they had stepped into another dimension - some truly fascinating horror-on-Elm-Street images. What building is the two storey sandstone???

  2. Lovely fresh baked eccles would have been good! The sandstone building has had many uses. It is adjacent to the buildings that were subject to the archaelogical dig earlier in the year. Currently it is a private residence which has been undergoing renovation for about 20 years - a bit of a sore point in the community.