Monday, 25 July 2016

More on the Great Race

Mel and Snowy went back to the races on Sunday.  Some kind person shared these photos with Mel.
Firstly me at the start of the race, Jill looking as though she's made for this sort of event.  Which she was for about 40 seconds.
And here's Snowy and Mel coming in to the finish line while Jill and I were out there somewhere rambling.
Snow and Mel became the Novice Champions on Sunday and have a sash, ribbon and hip flask to prove it.
Jill seemed pretty happy with her Sunday too.


  1. Aww she is so cute! Looks like it was exciting if nothing else!

  2. This looks fabulous- I need to practise my biking skills; not sure how the gals would go either side of me!

  3. Remember trying to cycle with Emma on a lead! I'm thinking that when you've got your barn you could get into husky rescue and sledding. I think the ultimate would be to have your own team of huskies / marmutes and go sledding.

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  5. that's malamutes. Must be thinking of marmite. It's lunch time.