Monday, 11 July 2016

The Bruiser is back

I have returned from my 10 days in Adelaide.  It was an unusual trip in that I didn't visit friends, go into town, saunter down North Terrace or browse Ikea.  The weather was horrible so I did what I set out to do - spent time with Mum.  Saturday was Election Day.  Dodging the rain, I walked to Mercato.  My new rule is that I walk to Mercato unless Mum is with me.  I was tempted to photograph the queues waiting to vote on Payneham Road but settled for this:
Later in the afternoon, Mum and I chased up the owners of our Easter cottage, Redruth, and I'm pleased to say we'll be Eastering there next year as well.  We also tracked down Beaumont House which featured on  Gardening Australia recently.
On the Sunday Mum and I drove to Macclesfield to have the tapas lunch at Longview Winery.  It had been a while since I'd been there so I allowed 2 hours to get there.  We got there in 38 minutes which I still can't believe.  Fortunately there is a market at Macclesfield every Sunday.  The market is nothing to get too excited about but it has a cafe attached which is warm with amazingly cheap food and shelves of books.  Naturally we didn't want to spoil our appetite so just had a peppermint tea and a cappuccino in the company of bikies, tourists and locals with some delightful children playing with a thoughtfully set up toy box.  Then on to Longview
which had a new fountain.
Here's Mum with the remains of the cheese platter, the 4th course.  Jill the Dog made an appearance.
I walked to Marden a number of times.  The river and overflows got wilder each time.

Looking from the overflow bridge towards River Torrens and OG Road.
I saw the Christies Gang a number of times.  Tamasin and Willowa came with us to Port Elliot and The Flying Fish.
Little piggies.


  1. Sounds an idyllic sojourn. At least you dodged the wild weather. It's been frightfully stormy on the Peninsula and there were even rumours of snow in Stirling. The Floosie has hunkered down for the duration (with some banana cake for sustenance, a good book and light jazz on the stereo).

  2. Glad you had fun..... I like me just peeking into the ice-cream photograph! Looks like I should have gone up to Marden to see the stormwater drain, oh well, next time... xxxx

  3. Yes, I knew I had to just point and shoot otherwise you'd wangle out of the photo.