Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The trip

I trotted off to Adelaide the Friday before last.  Well, actually I flew, and started reading a library book called Carpet Ride to Khiva which I highly recommend if you're interested in Islamic design, weaving and Uzbekistan.
Saturday, Helly, Tamasin and Willowa came to Mum's, Willowa only briefly because she was off to a TKD black belts' dinner.  Sunday they came again.  Helly, Tamasin and I worked in Mum's garden while Willowa and Mum worked on getting the 9-letter word in the Sunday paper puzzles.  Later I walked to the Indian restaurant on the OG Road to check out its hours of opening.  The area is changing quite radically.  Lots of the houses I remember replaced by 2 houses or McMansions. Four Trust Houses bowled over and replaced with a small village. Still some lovely gardens, lavenders of all types in bloom, and the remaining Italian gardens neat, promising and productive.  It has only been in recent years that I've realised how influenced I was as a teenager by the gardens at the top of Second Avenue. OG Road now boasts many diverse food takeaways, at least one gym, martial arts classes and a dance school, all catering for the large number of flats' residents, I presume.
Monday Mum and I discovered a new sushi place in Campbell Town, directly opposite Mercato.  What a dilemma.  I suspect The Beagle's guiding hand lead us there on this day.  That evening Heths, Mum and I ate Indian out.  Heths and I had eaten there previously but this was Mum's first foray into tandoori and curry, and she was very happy.
Tuesday:  sorry but the very poor taste Sandals in the Bin riposte always make me laugh.  Very self-indulgent.  Mum had her haircut and I had my usual pedicure at Marden.  Pictured are the thongs I get to wear home as my toe nail polish dries.  Now I've worked out I can import photos, I'll have to send you a shot of my summer nails.  In the afternoon the physio visited Mum to see how she is going with her rehab after her trip in the bathroom.  All good there.  I celebrated by going into the city, hence the Haighs bag doubtless spotted by the eagle-eyed.  It's lovely being a Senior who can spend the saved bus fares on marzipan bars.
Well, Wednesday was the Day of the Great Storm so we hunkered down for a good read.  This was cut short by the power blackout in the late afternoon.
Thursday was the day we intended to go to Port Eliot but we decided to play safe and stay home. More reading.  Helly, Tamasin and Willowa brought around a delicious chocolate and strawberry cake - Mum's late 90th birthday cake.  Tamasin had knitted Mum a beautiful purple jumper with scrumptious moss stitch sleeves.  Later, Tamasin, Rufus Poodle and I went for a walk along the swollen and raging Torrens River.  Parts of the Linear Park pathway were closed off and under water.  With the wind and sleeting rain it was exhilarating.
Friday we showed great restraint and decided not to go to PE, settling for Mercato instead.  Mercato now has a bar and cafe and it was absolutely jumping at lunch time.  With such a diverse crowd it's an event in itself (well, it is if you come from Triabunna).  Later I walked along the river again, crossing to the Campbell Town side by the O-bahn bridge, the other bridges being under water.

Finally on Saturday we got to Port Eliot.  The Flying Fish was virtually deserted.  The footy grand final was on.  We had a peaceful and delicious lunch, enjoyed the sunshine, and caught the last few minutes of Roy and HG's take on the footy as we pulled into the driveway at Mum's.  The 2 dachshunds over the road celebrated by taking on a passing dog out for a stroll with its owners. Much barking, yelling, swearing and sobbing ensued but I think everyone was relatively unscathed.
Sunday it was time to go home.  Mum promised to keep doing her physio exercises.  She had the rugger to watch as she feasted on Mercato delicacies.  I had a window seat on both flights which had a calming effect after an unattended bag was noticed at the security check area.  The waiting, snaking lines became silent as we all stared at the red bag standing on its own and staff attempted to find out who it belonged to.  Some chap eventually claimed it.  He must have forgotten it and proceeded through security without it.  I had no idea I would feel such a grab of fear.


  1. So many adventures to report! News of new eateries to be shared raises the spirits. Our weather, is inclement, but not wild, it is Canberra of course, so what else could be expected? Tom Kitten says that he is over lederhosen production, as is the housekeeper, actually. XXX

  2. In Port Elliot .... mmmm...that's not far from Encounter Bay.

  3. Dear FF, I knew I was going to get into trouble. I did phone you from Port Eliot but there was no answer. I assumed you were out having non-footy adventures. Or so busy waving your floggers that you didn't hear the phone...

    1. All is forgiven. Our internet and landline went down following the storm and we had only Steve's mobile for communication. Despite repeated calls, nothing was fixed for 4 days!!! We were not happy.