Saturday, 19 November 2016

Garden honesty

I am well pleased with the way the garden is progressing but I do feel a bit of a fraud.  It is easy to frame photos so that it looks verdant and bountiful.  I thought that I'd try to give you a truer perspective.  There is a lot of grass that will brown off soon.  I don't like the nakedness of the sheds and back fence.  Above is the view from the laundry window.
The junction of the lawn and rock edging drives me nuts.  Jake has whippersnipped along a lot of the edges.  I have also toyed with letting the grass grow to the height of the rocks and then levelling it to look like a hedge - a bit.  The sweetpeas are selfsown, blown in from Wilma's garden.  The smell, with the dianthus, is intoxicating.  Week before last when Jake was going crazy with the whippersnipper, he cut into the garlic bed overgrown with coriander and dill.  The smell there made us ravenous.
Close up of above corner.  Note red poppy poking through and more artichokes.
The idea is that the blackbird will look like its perched in the Gold Bunny but there's a way to go yet.
A possum or possibly a real bunny had a bit of a gnaw on the Gold Bunny over winter but now it's looking healthier (though smaller) that its ever done.
Doing a line of selfsown love-in-a-mist along the back fence.  I have scattered pink poppyseeds from PoQ (who I presume is the Poppy Queen) amongst the love-in-a-mist.  Fingers crossed for next year.
Back to the honest long shots now.  I took this photo Friday evening after Cameron from over the road had mown with his Dad's ride-on.  A rare shot of the infant orchard without Steve's glass sculptures.
My pride and joy - I love the look of the poppies in the grass.
The foxgloves are coming out a treat.  They're from Liz's garden and planted a little too thickly.
Not a startling photo but here are foxgloves, Soloman's seal, love-in-a-mist and hellebores all together.

Back to Liz's irises in their glory.  Sadly wind and rain have since taken their toll.
As they have on the sage which looks like a helicopter has landed on it.  Since we're on the kitchen garden path come inside.
Current look of the kitchen reading nook.
Current look of my bedroom.
And yet more artichokes to cook.
I've just finished reading a book called The Night Garden.  As a love story it's a little tedious but the garden descriptions are beautiful.  It's a hot day today, temperatures in the 20s!  There was a lovely vibe at the market.  We bought woodfired pizzas and ate them in the garden under a parasol.  Perfect.
ps I forgot to say that so far I've been unable to grow Honesty in this garden.

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  1. Everything looks amazing!!!! What a luscious rambling feast for the eyes. And what ho for Gold Bunny!!!! You'll have to enter next year in the Australian Garden of the year - small garden. FF