Monday, 28 November 2016

Pharoahest of them all

I have a friend who thinks Jill (our dog, for  those who get confused) is a Saluki.  After some intensive googling I have decided, and Jill has decreed, she is a Black Pharoah Hound.   Who knew such a thing exists.  We celebrated on Saturday when Madam Cyn and Rockface Towelling came to lunch.  Madam Cyn is a sucker for dogs so Jill had an indulgent time.  Then Dave and the Green Bean dropped in on Sunday having holidayed at Bicheno, and more frolics for the Pharoah.  Of course I have no photos of these events but will regale you with yesterday.
It started well with a dog in a truck parked outside our place.  Naturally I was thrilled that I had the camera with me.  I was off to the Blood Bank where previously I'd been impressed with the rooftop views from their first floor carpark.

Needless to say they didn't look anywhere near as interesting when I had the camera.
Sadly my veins wouldn't cooperate with the nurse and we struggled for some time but fell short of providing the required amount of blood by 100mls.  I was quite worn out by all of this and had an iced coffee and 2 mini quiches before I left the building.  I decided I'd regain my equanimity  with a bit of a read in the Botanical Gardens.
You may just be able to see the chosen bench in the photo above.  I've decided I'm going to keep an eye on this bit of the garden over the seasons.  It is exactly the sort of garden I love.
view from a distance
list of roses at entrance to garden
nostalgia for my Wentworth Crepuscule rose
excitement that the Bot Gards are putting on Alice - though surprised I haven't had a call yet

Feeling much revived I drove to Subway in Glenorchy for yet more nourishing blood making food.  I'm a fan of their wraps with roast beef, avocado, all the fresh salad and jalopenos.
view of Mt Wellington / kunanyi from Subway
Then I drove home the Brighton / Tea Tree way.
It is a beautiful road with typical scenery like this.  However many of you will not have seen this:
the new Chinese Cultural Centre, though most people refer to it as the Buddhist Centre.  I haven't been inside yet and this is as close as you can get from the road.  Very intriguing.
And since I had the camera with me, I could finally take this picture:
The Cherry Farm near Runnymede.  Hopefully the cherries will be ripe soon.  The white daisies line the East Coast Drive at this time of the year.  From the top of Bust Me Gall hill they look like salt pans.  You can see that sheep graze in the orchard during winter.
I find the fleece caught on the fence endearing.  It always makes me think of Georgia and Wales.


  1. A garden to be desired, indeed and with that glorious brick wall. Just the thing for a Red Queen (or was it White?) with a pharaonic hound!

  2. I had a lovely brick wall in Wentworth but no water for the garden. It is impossible to have it all - well, for any length of time. The Red Queen was at yoga this morning and later the Pharoah and I met her outside the op shop. I was the Red Knight, a character possibly not in the original Alice.
    School tomorrow, but lovely Advent Calendar to come home to.

  3. Try as I might I cannot conjure up the magnificent rooftop views that were rhapsodically promised - but all was forgiven by the beautiful scenes of the Bot Gards - sigh! I do like the allusions to King Tut, Cleo et al via Jill.

  4. Yes, the rooftop views did fall rather flat.
    I do understand now why Jill watched Tutankhamen on Wednesday night tv with such rapt attention. Old friends.

  5. Mother's always had a thing for Pharoah hounds, thus I always presumed you knew about them. I personally think their noses look like pigs. Very beautiful garden and scenery, much greener than here at the moment.