Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Jill and Steve 2

But wait there's more.  More Jills and Steves that is.  On the second day of my SA holiday Steve phoned to say there was a 5 year old beagle called Dustin at the Dogs' Home and he was going to take a look.  OK, I said as we walked the windswept cliff tops of Port Elliot, after all Dustin met the criteria we had set for our next dog.
Enter Jill.  Who looks a lot like Sis and so poor old Dustin didn't get a look in.  As it happens it is Jill's birthday today.

She's turned two.  We spend most of our time checking that she hasn't jumped the fence, our neighbours on all sides being infinitely fascinating to an adolescent dog.  I spend a lot of time on poo patrol and wondering why people would call a dog Jill.  She is, of course, a darling.  And Jill 1 seems quite honoured.


  1. Welcome Jill. You have big boots to fill, but tales of your precociousness suggest that you will do so admirably. Be gentle with your older / wiser family members! XXXX Taggerty & friends, up the rainbow

  2. What an absolutely delightful name for a dog!!! She looks perfect, a real charmer and such a personality - just like her namesake. Welcome, Jill. You have found a wonderful home. FF