Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Stash 3

It's wildly exciting to get home and find a parcel from Spain waiting for you.  Carefully unwrapped it revealed a lovely light pink scarf with owls on it.  I fell in love immediately.  When Momery Twigg (now Spanish Rose) and I were children a lady would occasionally walk past our houses with her hair and poodle dyed to the same pastel colour.  I thought the pink particularly stylish for a poodle and suitable for old ladies...
You know that I love owls and this book had jumped out at me at the library.  I like Janet Frame  as an author, and the title I recognised as from a Shakespeare poem that my Dad spouted occasionally.  I admire Janet Frame.  Let me quote a bit from the blurb:  'She wrote her first book, The Lagoon and Other Stories, in 1946 while working as a live-in maid and studying part-time at university.  When the collection was published in 1952 and won a prestigious literary prize, Frame's doctors cancelled a lobotomy they had planned for her.'  She led a precarious life.
This post was going to lead into my first day at my new Thursday job at the local school but it is eclipsed by this article which Bronnie sent and see also Jackie Morris' blog post 'Empty Chairs'.  My day at school was fine.

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  1. I feel so deflated after reading of the lovely Janet Frame book you received, and the poem Bron sent, in relation to the book I sent you for Christmas. I was lead to believe it was a gripping Australian historical novel that would hold you in its thrall. However, I have just read it and found it to be a boring slog, though the descriptions of the confrontation between the white settlers and the Aborigines made for some powerful reading. And I also thought there was a mention of an owl at night ! I wish the author had abided by the 'less is more' principle. So, humble apologies. FF