Thursday, 18 May 2017

Magic trip to Port Fairy

The next day we headed south.  Negotiated Horsham.  Ate delectable chicken sandwiches in Hamilton Botanic Gardens.  Took in Hamilton type sculptures while looking for an appealing coffee shop.  Kicked in toilet door at said coffee shop (ask Sandrine) and proceeded down roads previously untravelled.  The road to Port Fairy differs from the one to Portland which I used when visiting Southern Belle on the long weekend in March each year.
As you can see, Port Fairy is very much to my liking. This group walks their dogs each morning.  All the dogs romp together having a wonderful time.
I chose this room because it had 5 ships a sailing and a foxy red heeler at the door.

We stayed Chez Gail.  The 3 of us used to work together at Mildura Base Hospital.  We pounded the shopping streets and cafes.  Sadly the renowned fish and chip shop was closed but we were well content at this seafront cafe with wine bar next door.
Gail and her husband had only lived in Port Fairy for 6 weeks but they had done their homework and stayed there numerous time before they bought.  Gail chauffeured us like a local showing us, among other delights 'Peasoup' and the above Tower Hill volcano.  You can drive around the volcano but on this day the road was closed because of the rain.
The next day - Anzac Day - we drove back to the cafe in Hamilton with the scuffed and dented toilet door... and had a delicious lunch with the post Anzac Day March crowd.  So fortified were we that we missed the turnoff to Horsham and were nearly in South Australia before we realised our mistake.  We cut across to Edenhope and though we did far more kms than we should have, the road was beautiful and we both agreed that it was fortuitous because we were unlikely to have ever driven that way otherwise.  After a short return to Warracknabeal it was back to Horsham that night for dinner at Ginger Chilli with a gang of Sandrine's amies.

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