Saturday, 27 May 2017

Omm Adelaide

Unfortunately Sandrine and I are both able to wake up early.  Thus it was that we were up and about by 3.30 am the next morning and sitting in the dark at the bus-stop watching the big trucks go by at 4 am.  My bus for Adelaide came exactly on time at 5am.  This is a new service designed so that Mildurians can go shopping or keep appointments in Adelaide and be there and back on the same day.
It was getting light by 7 am when we pulled into Waikerie for a pitstop and from then on it was lovely seeing the sights I used to see on a regular basis when I drove from Wentworth to Adelaide.  In fact it was better because I was up higher in the bus and didn't have to concentrate on driving.  We arrived at Adelaide Bus Station on time at 9.30 am and I cut through buildings and coffee-seeking office workers to keep out of the rain and find an O-bahn bus.  Having negotiated all this successfully I arrived at Mum's and crashed for the rest of the day.
I picked up a hire car the next day and Mum and I had the freedom to lunch at Mercato's, get sushi, lunch at The Sussex with Pru and take Madame du Barry to the Flying Fish - not all on the same day, of course.  There were many other delights:
Rundle Street  Mall

a niece who makes chocolate cake

a recently discovered photo of aunts (and some uncles and a cousin)

a visit to the groovy Spinners and Weavers' Guild

and a last coffee at Grange with Heths to fortify us for a wander around Ikea.

I have no photo but a very vivid sound memory of yoga with Fleurieu Floosie at Encounter Bay.  The teacher started and ended the class with three oms and I was startled but entranced with their reverberance.  The last time I had ommed was during an anti Viet Nam war march in the 1970s.  And one last highlight by virtue of having a car:  racing around the backstreets late at night to pick up Tamasin from uni.  I really felt rejuvenated.

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