Saturday, 14 October 2017

a glimpse of ankle

During the week I was thrilled to see that I had comely ankles again.   I used to be quietly proud of my slim ankles.  Admittedly they benefited from proximity to my calves, together comprising what The Beagle referred to as my coke bottle legs.  Age and medication have thickened my ankles but for some reason they re-emerged slender briefly this week.

Today was the Seafarers' Memorial Service and Blessing of the Fleet.  It is a beautiful warm day and I wore a hat for the first time in Tasmania.  Hats were out in force and it was amusing to gradually realise we were surrounded by people we knew but didn't recognise because of their hats and sunglasses.  The Queen herself was represented by
our Governor, Kate Warner.

Sadly we again were not blessed by god-like youths stripping off to retrieve the gold crucifix from the deep.
After the service it was back to the market this month graced by notables such as The Glorious Bean and Mr Bean, the lovely Eileen Brooker and Precious
the Alpaca.


  1. I was scrolling breathlessly through the blog for a glimpse of these magnificent ankles that would have Mr Darcy swooning - to no avail. Disappointing! FF

  2. I'm such a tease! Just a tart at heart.