Thursday, 5 October 2017


We had 2 beautiful Spring days - Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday night Bart Stenhouse came more or less out of the blue to play at The Village.  An amazing event, especially surrounded by the Botaniko art works.  Afterwards I strolled to do a late night lock up of the Gatehouse, and then home to finish off a bottle of bubbly, my reward for helping to wash up after the concert.
So inspired was I that I cooked Cornish pasties on Wednesday, a misty dreamy sort of a day.  Heavier rain today, which we need badly, but I decided to try Stapleton Beach for seaweed for my reluctant asparagus.  I have only seen this beach covered in big, beautiful boulders and seaweed.  I'd been told that it had returned to being a sandy bay

and it was.  And hardly a skerrick of seaweed in sight.  By now the rain had set in

so the Pharaoh Dog and I retraced our steps.

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