Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Aunty Eirwen

I got the news today that my Aunty Eirwen had died in Wales.  Apart from my Mum, Eirwen was the last of my Dad's generation of Coxes.  She was married to Dad's brother Ron but has been widowed for many years.
As my Mum gets older, my rels have got younger as Mum recounts stories from her  younger days.  One story is of a young Mum and Dad and Ron and Eirwen frolicking on Caerfai beach.  Eirwen always liked to dress well and had on a red sundress which got sea splashed. Walking home, one of the local chaps invited them into his cottage and encouraged Eirwen to take off her dress and dry it in front of the fire.  She didn't.

the dazzling Aunty Eirwen in 1964/5, lady on the far left of photo

One of the things I loved about returning to St Davids was the chance to bump into relatives in the street and I have met Eirwen going to and from the supermarket.  She was one of those people who liked to shop everyday.  She was very social and loved to go out for a drink.  On one occasion in 2010, Eirwen and her granddaughter went clubbing while Mum and I slept soundly.  They got in at 2 am and delighted in telling us the next day that Dai the Tie had asked each of them to dance.

Eirwen in the fore, Aunt Iris beside her.
Mum took the photo in 2010 at Tenby

A really special time for me was when Georgia, Mum, the Aunts and I met for pint at the Farmer's Arms in St Davids.  We farflung people meshed seamlessly.

Georgia in her Welsh cap

Mum and Eirwen catching up

George and Iris

Lovely memories.  And I will always see Aunty Eirwen  prancing down the road to Caerfai in her red dress.


  1. Long gone are the days women wore hats, gloves and carried handbags over their arms!!! But what a lovely photo of your aunt c 1964. Its great that you met again when you visited and have such heartwarming memories. FF

  2. I wonder whom she reminds me of, dancing along the beach with abandon. Her lovely open smile gives it away and not a shared gene involved!