Monday, 23 October 2017

Beschorneria yuccoides

is the real name of the plant formerly considered a Gymea Lily.  The Green Bean has been on its case.  It's very tricky to spell.

another cuppla shots of the sculpture garden

this banksia rose seemed to suddenly come to life in a garden on one of my shortcuts

some Gatehouse shots.
We've had a bit of theft recently, including the bucket and silverbeet.

The weather has been very dry and we've lost some of the plants from the Gatehouse garden.  It's raining today and, as I was driving back from Zumba, I noticed my council mates are replacing the dead plants.  The plants that have survived are thriving.

a tree fern from another of my shortcuts


  1. Looked at in small format, the second photo looked as if there was a skeleton lying on the paving! I was relieved to see the skeleton replaced by the beautiful display of shells in large format! The idiot child in Canberra

  2. ooh yes, I see what you mean. The skull is an abalone shell. I have just scattered the shells there while awaiting inspiration as to what to do with them, and to break up that expanse of pavers. Steve collected them some time ago to paint and now they are surplus to requirement.

  3. Gatehouse garden looking tres swish - a credit to the gardeners and designers.

    Good to know what that plant was. It was puzzling me because I could only come up with a negative: it's not a g. lily. Well done Green Bean!!!!!! FF

  4. Yes, you can count on The Bean.