Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dark Gardening

As some of you know this is the gateway to our house.  Come in and walk down the drive to the back of the house.
The driveway is not very exciting and so far my vision of self sown flowers filling all the nooks and crannies is not apparent.  There are some allysum, stunted marigolds and forget me nots.  I thought the seaside daisy would go crazy here but so far not.  Anyway if you look carefully you can see there's a gap between the studio at the end of the carport and the fence.

Jake heroically carried pavers from the back garden to this space.  I think this dappled light is about as much light as the area gets - and that's in summer.  I've gone through many planting ideas - fernery, hydrangeas, fuchsias, etc but am currently favouring the idea of different types of mint planted between the pavers.  Currently I have ordinary mint, chocolate mint and eau-de-cologne mint scattered about the garden.  Here they could run riot or into the caravan park next door.  I'm also thinking that in winter I could keep potted plants safe from frost here.

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