Saturday, 27 January 2018

feeling the burn and the yearn

I took a wander around the garden to see if the hot day had wreaked any damage.  I noticed things in the garden that had been important to Sarah in 2015 but she appeared not to attach any significance to in 2017.  And I remembered that, while Georgia was on an exchange year to Norway as a teenager, we had the opportunity to buy a huge and fabulous house in Sandy Bay that I had lived in briefly.  We would have to sell our Bellerive house and my unit but knew it would be a good investment and a lovely place to live.  We agonised but decided it wasn't fair - Georgia loved 01 Queen Street, the Bellerive house.  When she returned and we confided to her our traitorous thoughts, she exclaimed that she would love to live in Sandy Bay.
the plant Sarah chose at Salamanca Market 2015

the heart she made to adorn the gate to the veggie garden 2015

The garden appears unscathed but, overcome with memories, I went inside and made myself a stiff Cointreau and lemon with plenty of ice.

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